Tear Trough Complications Course – 2021 Best Seller

Tear Trough Complications Course

  • Confidently manage post-injection complications and complaints
  • Better identify complication prone patients
  • Improve retention rates by reducing complaints
  • Learn how to use Hyaluronidase in various scenarios
  • 210 minutes of theoretical teaching and practical demonstration
  • Online and on-demand
  • Beginner to experienced
  • Bonus Free Revision Guide
Zrinka Kolega
Zrinka Kolega
Excellent lectures. Thank you.
Harriet Phillips
Harriet Phillips
Fantastic course, plenty of time to master the new techniques. Relaxed atmosphere to enable learning and a great team to welcome you to the day.
Sally Wheeler
Sally Wheeler
I have just completed the online training for tear troughs. Absolutely incredible value for money. I have gained so much more from it that I expected, especially knowledge and confidence. Dr Uche has a brilliant way of teaching and a way of explaining it all. Highly recommend!
Claire Shaw
Claire Shaw
Dr Uche has really helped me discover how to find my niche in a saturated market! He knew exactly how to guide me there, thank you so much for your help!
sarah louise ALLEN
sarah louise ALLEN
I attended Dr Uches’ tear trough masterclass in feb 2020 I can honestly say it was the best training course I have attended! The theory aspect of the day was fab, in depth but not too intense, questions and group interaction were encouraged! The afternoon of hands on injecting is great, each model is discussed with the whole group so there’s plenty of opportunity to gain confidence in assessing patients as well as injecting! Uche supervises each individual treatment completed on the day therefore you really are getting personal tutoring from the tear trough king himself! Highly recommend! Thank you so much for increasing my knowledge and confidence in tear trough treatments!
Jen Blogs
Jen Blogs
Aysha Amin
Aysha Amin
The best course I have attended so far! Both theory & practical aspect. The website & online training is so easy to navigate. I will be 100% recommending Dr Uche & his courses!
Ann Knox
Ann Knox
I attended Dr Uches tear trough Masterclass and I am absolutely thrilled because this was my least confident area to treat and I was thinking about giving up. I now feel confident to treat and it’s definitely closer to the top of the treatments I most enjoy. I have utilised the skills learnt so much already and this has enabled me to make more income - which has already paid for the course. Alongside the most important factor of giving me the confidence to feel like I know exactly what I am doing with evidence and knowledge based practice. Thank you Dr Uche and team!
cristiane silva
cristiane silva
Dr. Uche is simply amazing. I’ve done my tear through training with him and really enjoyed. His approach to teaching was very easy to understand and made the training very enjoyable. I totally recommend him not just for training lessons but also for tear through treatments.
camille armstrong
camille armstrong
This is by far the best training course I have attended in my four years of aesthetic work, from start to finish everything about this course was fabulous. It was hosted in a great location and had a small training group of just four people, which meant lots of hands on injecting experience. The course went into a lot of detail, so I was able to pick up lots of tips and tricks that I hadn’t been taught on previous courses. This means I can now successfully treat patients that I would have previously turned away due to their lack of suitably. The support I have received from Dr Uche and his team since my attendance has been invaluable, this is something that other courses have lacked. He is always on hand to help and having access to his online learning platform is fantastic to keep up to date and reinforce knowledge. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that would like to offer this treatment, or to brush up on some new skills.

Dr Uche’s Tear Trough Complications Course is a comprehensive learning experience for practitioners looking to distinguish themselves as injectors, build a base of satisfied patients and treat tear trough complications more confidently. Furthermore, this course uniquely positions injectors to meet the growing public demand for tear trough treatments, the most underserved facial injectable!

The Tear Trough Complications Course includes…

The Complications Class

Comprising of a lecture and practical demonstrations, injectors will learn about the most common complications and complaints that accompany tear trough treatment. In addition the class offers a comprehensive guide on how to manage more serious complications associated with the treatment in settings where the practitioner is alone or relatively inexperienced. In addition to this injectors will leave the course with an astute ability to determine higher risk patients from lower risk patients and start to manage patients with case specific complications and complaints in mind.

The Applied Anatomy, Assessment and Technique Class:

Comprised of a lecture and practical demonstrations, the Tear Trough Complications Course will instruct injectors on the relevant infraorbital anatomy needed to construct superior treatment plans and treat up to 60% more patients with fewer complications. Injectors will also learn critical tear trough assessment techniques that will equip them with the knowledge to assess and formulate bespoke treatment plans for all patients. Lastly, the practical demonstrations, which feature Dr Uche demonstrating various techniques, will improve a practitioners’ abilities to treat varying tear trough presentations and other infraorbital complaints. Injectors will learn new techniques that allow them to treat patients without the need for filler and understand how to identify the minority of patients that should not be treated.

Bonus: Free Revision Guide

  • Access to Dr Uche’s revision notes.
  • Most comprehensive revision, one-stop guide for Botox and Fillers practitioners.
  • A great tool to build confidence in treating all areas of the face and be a complete practitioner.
  • For every part of the face learn: anatomy, injection technique, optimal injection sites and optimal products.

Prefer a practical lesson?

Check out our In-Person Tear Trough Training Course in Knightsbridge or Soho, central London.


Operating Department Practitioners
Dental Hygienists
Dental Therapists

It all takes place online. Once you log in to your Dr Uche dashboard area, all the courses that you have subscribed for will be available to you.

We train delegates from around the world provided you belong to one of our selected professions. However, before registering it’s worthwhile confirming what is required for you to practice injectables in your home country.

Not for the online tear trough training course; however, attendees of our in-person training will be insured to inject.

Click here to find out more about the In-class Tear Trough Training Course.

Yes. This is a dermal filler course and therefore you are not required to have a prescriber in order to practice.

The Tear Trough Complications Course has over 200 minutes of run time.