About Dr Uche Aniagwu

Dr Uche Aniagwu is an Ear Nose & Throat SHO by trade, who has since transitioned into a full-time role as an aesthetic practitioner, as well as an author and entrepreneur.

After obtaining his MBBS from Barts and The London and his MSc in Radiation Biology from the University of Oxford, Dr Uche cemented himself during FY1 as an industry change-maker, receiving recognition from NHS England in the form of their Award for Outstanding Contribution. So during his second year Uche was surprised to find himself struggling to find joy in his supposed “dream career”; he was feeling overworked, underpaid and, most importantly, undervalued.

Despite his disillusionment in the medical field, Dr Uche still held a deep desire to use his knowledge and skills to positively impact peoples’ lives, which led him to become an aesthetic practitioner at the acclaimed LaBelle Forme. It was there, under the mentorship of one of the UK’s most celebrated surgeons, that Uche found his calling and had the unparalleled opportunity to grow in his craft. During this period of exploration, Dr Uche naturally gravitated toward management of the periorbital region, an area of the face often avoided by practitioners but very much in demand; it was the one part of facial aesthetics that was not subject to stereotypes or beauty enthusiast connotations–every type of patient wanted these treatments.

His passion for medicine reignited, Uche set out to master this treatment area and become a trailblazer in managing the periorbital region, and later the infraorbital region, non-surgically.

As a resident doctor at Beyond Medispa, he received immediate recognition for his clinic work and pioneering of new injection techniques, as well as a commitment to guiding other similarly-interested practitioners. In a very short amount of time, Dr Uche wrote and published “The Essential Eye Beauty Guide,”  a roadmap to better-managing eye complaints, for the public and practitioners alike.

Shortly thereafter, he partnered with Harvey Nichols to create the one-of-a-kind Cosmetic Eye Clinic, which showcased the potential of a medic unrestrained in pursuit of his passions. News of Dr Uche’s work with the clinic made an immediate impression upon the industry, earning him prestigious features on the panels of Glamour Magazine and Harvey Nichols beauty events.

Dr Uche Aniagwu – Teaching & Mentorship

Over time, it became evident how impactful Dr Uche’s teaching and mentorship was in the lives of other practitioners, who found themselves becoming more confident treating previously “untreatable” patients and growing their practices as a result. Recognising this positive impact, Uche decided to dedicate himself to helping other practitioners become properly equipped to safely meet the demand of the general public, who have been massively underserved with regard to their eye complaints.

Dr Uche Aniagwu’s Tear Trough Training Course launched in 2020 and has already been described as “the best training course” for dermal filler injectables. Uche has helped and mentored his delegate cohorts towards realising massive ROI since taking the course. But most importantly, he rediscovered the joy he once found in helping others, patients and practitioners alike, through his medical career.

Dr Uche’s path to creating a successful aesthetics practice wasn’t always easy, and he often struggled with the same issue cited by practitioners as their primary impediment: standing out in a field that is becoming more competitive every year. With the first part of this equation, providing cutting-edge training to differentiate practitioners’ offerings from the pack, well underway, Uche turned his attention to the business side of expanding a practice, drawing upon his past life as a Goldman Sachs analyst.

For aestheticians, building a personal brand and professional business often go hand-in-hand, a truism that Dr Uche came to realise after a few years in the space. So to help students capitalise upon the skills he had to impart, Uche created two online masterclass courses–The Aesthetics Business Course and The Aesthetics Marketing Course–which offer the solutions to standing out that he wished someone had shared when he first started out in aesthetics.

Dr Uche Aniagwu charted his own path toward career fulfilment in the hope that others may follow. With him as your guide, more time, more autonomy and more income are within your reach. So if you’re looking to take your aesthetics skills to the next level or build the business side of your practice, Dr Uche is here to help you take the first step toward rediscovering your dream job today!