Dr Uche Aniagwu


Dr Uche Aniagwu: Tear Trough Training Specialist

“My mission is to use my Tear Trough expertise to create the next generation of confident, expert tear trough injectors.”

Since the beginning as a resident doctor at Beyond Medispa, Dr Uche has received recognition for his clinic work and pioneering of new injection techniques but has always prided himself particularly on his commitment to administering Tear Trough training.

Over time, it became evident how impactful Dr Uche’s Tear Trough training and mentorship was in the lives of other practitioners, who found themselves becoming more confident treating previously “untreatable” patients and growing their practices as a result. Recognising this positive impact, Dr Uche launched his Tear Trough Academy in 2020, thus fully dedicating himself to helping other practitioners become properly equipped to safely meet the demand of the general public.

The Dr Uche Tear Trough Training Course has already been described as “the best Infraorbital training course” for injectables. In a bid to constantly give more to the injector community, Dr Uche has continued to innovate on the infraorbital treatment front and introduce new training for injectors that can help them safely and confidently increase their return on investment, post-training.

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