The Aesthetics Marketing Course

Help Your Business Stand Out With The Aesthetics Marketing Course

The Aesthetics Marketing Course

Distinguishing oneself successfully as an aesthetic practitioner may come naturally to some, but for those of us that it doesn’t, you’re not alone: 60% of practitioners feel that their greatest challenge was increased competition within the aesthetics industry.

Aesthetics Marketing Course Tip 1: Finding A Niche

Finding your niche is crucial for identifying your sphere of influence and the subgroups that you are most likely to attract.. Drilling down to your core niche will help you distinguish yourself, with the ultimate goal of shaping this group’s identity and its consumption habits.

Aesthetics Marketing Course Tip 2: Creating A Pitch

Once you have discovered your niche, you’ll now need to communicate your value and vision to the group. The challenge here is to succinctly state what you can do for your target audience, but with an eye for what distinguishes you from other practitioners vying for their attention.

A good pitch combines what + how + who; for example:

What = under-eye enhancement

How = non-surgical

Who = people with puffy eyes

Aesthetics Marketing Course Tip 3: Publishing

Publishing in the world of aesthetics serves the very important purposes of expanding your reach and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your newfound niche. Putting your ideas to paper will boost what I like to call your “trust score,” like a credit score for your professional credibility. And as your trust score grows, so too does your influence and marketability within the space.

Aesthetics Marketing Course Tip 4: Creating A Product

The final step in distinguishing yourself as an aesthetic practitioner is to create a product that leverages your knowledge and services a specific need of individuals in your niche. A product speaks directly to your authority and expertise in an area, so make it personal, and if applicable, something you yourself would use.

Price: £299
More than 200 minutes of video material
Online and on-demand
Beginner to experienced