Training Today

As the clinical lead of my Advanced Tear Trough Training Course, my primary goal is to provide practitioners with the best possible experience – one that leaves them feeling enriched and uniquely prepared to provide patients with the best possible outcomes.

Crafting this experience with these goals in mind proved a fun challenge, and one which constantly forced our group to adapt, not least of all due to COVID. Yet even before the pandemic, many training centres simply had not done enough to adapt to a changing industry, and many practitioners had begun to feel that their training had become relatively “samey”. However, in the interesting new society we find ourselves in, training centres should take the opportunity to update their learning experiences, which would bode well for the industry as a whole.

So what does a new age training course look like? Now I’m not talking about Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. While I’m sure there’s a strong case for those tools being at the centre of training to come, for now, some small adjustments that not only serve a COVID world but also enhance your learning experience can make all the difference.

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