Online Tear Trough Training Course

Presented by Dr Uche Aniagwu

Dr Uche’s Online Tear Trough Training Course finally allows you to experience the 5* rated in-person course – now from the comfort of your own home! Focused on non-surgical management of the infraorbital region using hyaluronic acid, practitioners who attend this course can expect to: 1) gain a comprehensive understanding of the region’s anatomy; 2) learn how anatomical knowledge is applied in practice; and 3) better understand the key assessments and techniques that will allow them to manage a wider variety of patients than traditionally taught. Using examples from Dr Uche’s own practice, you will observe how an under eye expert approaches their treatment in order to yield the best results.

The ability to serve patients with under eye concerns is a growing imperative for aesthetic practitioners. Research has shown that this region is more in demand for treatment than even lips, cheeks or chins; for some groups, the under eyes are the second largest area of concern. Yet it still ranks far lower on the list of treatments provided. In a time when public mask-wearing has become the norm, demand for rejuvenated eyes is steadily increasing. This online tear trough training course will help build confidence in treating the infraorbital region, while also serving as a unique revision tool for more experienced practitioners.

Lockdown got you down? Build your skills with our acclaimed online tear trough training course, now from the comfort of your own home!

By learning the correct way to treat the infraorbital region with this online tear trough training course, you will see more patients than ever before and join other practitioners enjoying this benefit to their business.

Price: £399
210 minutes of theoretical teaching and practical demonstration
Online and on-demand
Beginner to experienced
  • Comprehensive infraorbital anatomy
  • Understanding the anatomical foundation to surface anatomy and common complaints
  • In-depth assessment and planning to improve patient selection and results
  • Safe and most up to date injection technique
  • Learn the products Dr Uche himself uses and his approach to treating the supporting parts of the face, including the cheeks and temples

Prefer a practical lesson over the online tear trough training course?

Check out our In-Person Tear Trough Training Course in Knightsbridge or Soho, central London.