Aesthetics Business Bundle

The Aesthetics Business Bundle helps master the critically underserved tear trough region presents an opportunity with huge potential that can be realised with the correct business blueprint.

Dr Uche’s Aesthetics Business Bundle reinforces the knowledge you need to become a proficient tear trough injector, while also providing business support for aestheticians who want to take their brand and practice to the next level, tripling their income in a fraction of the time.

Worth £997 Now £599

Here are three reasons we think The Aesthetics Business Bundle will prepare you to capture the next large market within facial aesthetics:

  • It’s the most underserved facial aesthetic concern. 2nd largest concern in 30-35 year olds but only the 7th most provided treatment.
  • We are in the mask era. With people now in masks when in public, all things eye beauty have soared in sales. Now I’ve been on this bandwagon for ages but it’s been lonely so I’m glad the eyes are getting more focus!
  • Treating the tear trough is one of the most gender neutral facial aesthetic interventions and does not carry the same connotations as other facial injectable treatments; often seen as reserved for "beauty enthusiasts". This means your market is far wider than with other treatments. A benefit all practitioners can enjoy with the most modern and in-depth training in their tool kit.